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What Will Prime Day 2020 Look Like With Amazon’s Inventory Restrictions?

Forbes | July 15, 2020

Prime Day, Amazon’s made-up shopping holiday, has predictably run every July since 2015. Variations on the theme have occurred - the duration of the event, the price that brands pay to run deals, the exact date in July that the holiday fell. But in 2020, all sense of tradition has been thrown out the window.

COVID-19 first threw Amazon’s supply chain into disarray in April, when the company had to limit both inbound inventory and customer orders to sometimes haphazardly-declared essential items.

The usual timeline of a July Prime Day was clearly not going to happen. Initially, the date was rumored to be in September. This month, Amazon told third party sellers that it would be held the week of October 5. This October timing is troublesome for many brands for several reasons. Read the full article to find out more.

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