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What Target Guests Loved in 2020 and How the Momentum Will Keep Going

A Bullseye View | March 2, 2021

The challenges of 2020 put Target's capabilities to the test, and proven ready, Target helped navigate the unpredictable year. Plans were sped up to roll out new experiences that made shopping experiences safer, easier and more affordable.

Guests were shopping more both in stores and online, saving more and adapting to utilize same-day services at staggering rates allowing for record financial results. Same day services grew 235% last year. Target has plans to commit $4 billion annually over the next several years to keep making Target Runs even better. Here are a few of the plans to keep build on the momentum -

Industry-leading same-day services to deliver BIG for guests

Enhancing their technology to create more personalized in-app experiences, Target will also expand fresh food and adult beverages available to 800 more stores.

Target stores to serve as shopping and fulfillment hubs

Target is ramping up plans to open 30-40 stores annually. Plus, remodeling existing stores, incorporating safety elements and modernized design.

Supply chain teams to handle TONS of products

Target plans for six sortation centers to open across the U.S. by the end of the year and 4 new distribution centers. The sortation centers allow products to be pulled from local stores and sorted by neighborhood for a more efficient last mile delivery.

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