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We're Living in the Golden Age of Pajamas

Business Insider | April 13, 2021

If you splurged on a matching pajama set in the last year, you're not alone. Those fortunate enough to maintain an income shifted "scheduled spend" from normal routines to indulgences. Last April, PJ sales spiked 143% compared to March. In 2020, NPD Group shared, pajamas priced at $50 or more grew at triple the rate of the total pajama market. In 2019, the global industry was worth more than $10 million, and it's projected to reach more than $18 million by 2027.

In the last three months of 2020, searches peaked for pajamas on the shopping app, with over 200,000 unique queries for the term. A spokesperson for the company said shoppers are on the hunt for "silk pajamas," "pajama sets," and "satin pajamas" — all of which had triple-digit month-over-month growth last year and still sit in the top searches today.

These fabrics satisfy what Lorna Hall of WGSN calls "skin hunger." Hall states, "Many of us are starved of touch, so tactile fabrications become really important, because they sort of mimic touch." Silks, satins, and plushes are examples of fabrics that satisfy this craving. spokesperson separately agreed with Hall. "Our consumers are very much still in the cozy mindset, with search data for things like loungewear, matching sets, nap dress, and home bedding all trending since the start of lockdown last year."

Hall believes the pajama boom will stick around post-pandemic, bolstered by designers' pajama-inspired going-out wear. "Once you've treated yourself to something that's of a certain fabric and quality level, it's quite hard to go back when you've had the luxury sleep item."

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