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Walmart Unveils the Hottest Toys of the 2020 Holiday Season with its Top-Rated by Kids Toy List

Walmart Corporate News | September 3, 2020

Walmart unveils its highly anticipated annual Top-Rated by Kids Toy List. The list features the 36 hottest toys for the 2020 holiday season, tested and selected by the real experts, kids.

“This year’s Top-Rated by Kids Toy List reflects the shift we’ve seen in toy trends and behaviors this year,” Steve Ronchetto, vice president of Toys at Walmart, said. “Toys play a critical role in families’ lives as they spend more time at home and parents seek ways to keep kids engaged with learning-based play. More than any year before, we’re seeing strong interest across toys that stem from digital platforms, like kid influencer-created toys, interactive and educational toys, screen-free indoor entertainment and toys for active outdoor play.”

From the TV to the Toy Room

High-Tech Gadgets

Interactive Play

Surprise Toys

Screen-Free Indoor Entertainment

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