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Walmart Celebrates One Year of Livestreams With First Shoppable Livestream on Twitter

Walmart Corporate | November 22, 2021

Over the last year, Walmart has been leading the way in social commerce by creating first-to-market experiences for customers, doubling-down on shoppable content and shoppable livestreams. More and more customers are tuning in to shop and Walmart applies feedback for even more fun engagement.

Last December Walmart had its very first shoppable livestream with TikTok. After testing 15 shoppable livestream events across five platforms, launches with more than 20 creators and hosts. Walmart kicks off Cyber Week with Jason Derulo for the first shoppable livestream on Twitter. Jason hosts a 30-minute variety show highlighting electronics, home goods, apparel, seasonal décor, surprise special guests and much more.

And that's just the beginning with 30+ shoppable livestream holiday events, across eight social and media platforms including BuyWith, BuzzFeed, Facebook, IGN, TalkShopLive, Tasty, Twitter and YouTube. Walmart continues to invest in the future of retail - social commerce.

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