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Walmart and HomeValet Pilot Smart Box Technology to Receive Fresh Deliveries

Walmart Corporate News | January 12. 2021

Beginning this spring, participating customers in Bentonville, Arkansas, will be able to receive deliveries from their local Walmart directly into a temperature-controlled HomeValet-powered smart box placed outside their home. This gives customers the ability to receive secure, contactless deliveries at any time of the day, whether they’re home or not.

HomeValet’s smart box has three temperature-controlled zones, so it can properly store frozen, refrigerated and pantry items. And when it’s time for a delivery to be made, the smart box communicates with the delivery provider’s device, giving them secure access to the smart box to complete the delivery.

Walmart's grocery delivery has fit a need for busy families since it launched in 2018. Listening to Walmart's founder, Sam Walton, once said, “To succeed, stay out in front of change,” which is why the retail giant continuously finds new ways to serve customers. That’s what Walmart will be exploring in its new pilot with HomeValet.

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