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Ulta Beauty at Target Opens First 52 Doors

WWD | August 17, 2021

Ulta Beauty at Target opened its first 52 brick-and-mortar doors, out of an anticipated 100 this year. The Ulta Beauty assortment has also launched online at Of the openings thus far, 10 are in California, with four in the Los Angeles area alone. There are six in Colorado and 13 in Minnesota, with eight planned for New York, in Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens and Westchester.

“Target and Ulta are balancing this interesting middle ground,” said Jefferies analyst Steph Wissink. “They’re both in beauty and by partnering, they don’t want to cannibalize each other, so they have to strategize for the purely incremental.”

“It looks like Target,” said Wissink. “That is the most distinct delta between the two experiences. This reflects Target’s strength in visual merchandising.”

The Ulta Beauty experience featured the beauty retailer’s familiar sign and signature orange hue throughout. The space is divided into three areas: the core section, which features the larger selection of brands; the discovery zone, a more curated offering designed to feature trends and newness, where products will rotate about every two months, and must-have minis, featuring smaller sizes.

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