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Twitter Releases First Beauty Report

WDD | November 6, 2020 Twitter published its first beauty survey, reporting an increasingly young and diverse consumer. Users who engage in beauty conversations are 43 percent male and 56 percent Generation Z, according to the report.

Diversity is a key differentiator for the beauty community on Twitter, said Stacy Minero, global head of Twitter ArtHouse at Twitter. “When you look at the top 20 influencers leading the beauty conversation, 70 percent of them are Black, Latinx or Asian. There’s this ability to show up and bring your whole self to the platform.”

Brands with success interact with users, often. Opening the line of communication gives a human perspective behind the brand. Posting questions and giving frequent moments of interaction allow for higher engagement.

Top 10 brands on Twitter, ranked by engagement: 1. Colour Pop Cosmetics 2. Fenty Beauty 3. Morphe 4. Kylie Cosmetics 5. Fourth Ray Beauty 6. Tarte Cosmetics 7. Anatasia Beevrly Hills 8. Coloured Raine Cosmetics 9. Elf Cosmetics 10. Unilever

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