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Toys R Us Brand to Open 400 Shop-in-Shops in Macy's Stores

Retail Dive | August 19, 2021

The Toys R Us brand is teaming up with Macy's to open more than 400 shop-in-shops inside the retailer's department stores, announced in a press release. Macy's has also launched a co-branded page with Toys R Us, which is owned by WHP Global, on its website to sell toys online. The physical shops are set to roll out in 2022 with dedicated sections by age, interest and category and interactive experiences.

The current team-up allows Macy's to expand its toy assortment, get access to Toys R Us' private labels and team up on marketing. Macy's CEO Jeff Gennette, sees the Toys R Us partnership as a chance to lure millennial parents who shopped at Toys R Us as kids.

Since the liquidation, the Toys R Us brand has tried to maintain its relevance. Experiential pop-ups, an online collaboration with Target, and then Amazon, b8ta stores which closed amid the pandemic, nothing has yet to hold. Meanwhile, Walmart, Amazon and Target largely divvied up market share in toys.

"Our partnership with Macy's marks the greatly anticipated return of Toys R Us in the U.S.A., and changes the retail landscape by combining two beloved retail brands together for consumers across the nation in a completely innovative way," WHP Chairman and CEO Yehuda Shmidman.

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