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TikTok Made Me Buy It

National Retail Federation | April 7, 2021

Since the pandemic began, TikTok has exploded on the social media scene. As of 2021, nearly 700 million people worldwide use the app monthly. Small business owners have been using to the app to showcase their products, highlighting what makes their products stand out. Businesses sell everything from jewelry, makeup and self-care products to keychains, upcycled clothes and self-defense tools.

Small business owners, @CeoLiv and @KyloSquash, have reported a large increase in sales as a result of TikTok. They have been able to increase production, pay off bills, provide for their families and even help others by offering tips and consulting on how to start a small business. Many business owners will highlight different aspects of the business, including packing orders or actively making product, with of course trending hashtags and sounds.

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