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Through the Retail Lens: Spirit Halloween’s Outlook

National Retail Federation | September 14, 2020

As president and CEO of Spirit Halloween and its corporate owner Spencer Gifts, Steven Silverstein certainly knows “scary.” And 2020 lives up to that name. Silverstein speaks on what's anticipated for 2020 and initial results of the season:

"When a rumor went viral that Spirit Halloween would not open due to the pandemic, we received an outcry from fans hoping it wasn’t true. We quickly assured them that’d we’d be back to open our doors and keep the Halloween spirit alive.

With many of our stores now open, we’re seeing encouraging initial results and are anticipating a Halloween on par with last year. With all the excitement of the season, we do foresee top items selling out quickly.

The beauty of Halloween – it’s designed to be outdoors. It’s a celebration and opportunity to transform into whoever or whatever you want to be. We are all learning about resilience and flexibility. It teaches us that these are unprecedented challenges, but we will find innovative ways to recreate."

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