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This Smart Home Gym Is The Future Of Fitness

Forbes | October 13, 2020

JaxJox makes a smart personalized home gym that uses AI to track and improve your performance and give you a wellness score. The Seattle-based fit tech company announced today that it has raised $10 million to bring its JaxJox “interactive fitness studio” to market by the end of this year.

The system consists of a 43” touchscreen TV that can display fitness classes as well as data about your performance. The screen rotates both horizontally and vertically, and tilts if you’re doing floor exercises. Crucially, however, JaxJox isn’t just about cardio: the system has integrated smart dumbbells and a smart kettlebell — both configurable for different weights — that also report performance data. There’s also a “smart push-up device” and a vibrating, massaging foam roller.

“Beyond fitness-tech products, my vision is to close the gap between fitness and health,” says JaxJox CEO Stephen Owusu. “By monitoring performance metrics and using AI, we can give users a more holistic view of their health and provide recommendations on improving their wellbeing. We know working out is only one aspect of wellness and will continue to enhance our platform to provide an unparalleled experience.”

There was already a significant move towards health and fitness overall, however Covid has accelerated the at-home element of fitness. This type of home gym, that enables smart workouts either solo or with others is the future of home fitness.

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