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These Food & Beverage Pros Are Bringing More Expertise to the Table

A Bullseye View | February 23, 2021

Target's Food & Beverage teams work each day from stores to supply chain and headquarters to help families discover the everyday joy of food. Food & Beverage Coordinators (FBC) have the mission to champion food safety and processes to reduce food waste, train our teams, all while getting to know the unique needs of each community. Two FBC extraordinaires share their expertise and their favorite Target foods.

Thomas Hill, Chicago Hill fell in love with retail at age 16. He had great mentors along the way who challenged and developed him and gave stretch assignments to expand his knowledge of store operations, finding himself in grocery. A typical day starts with pulling and reviewing key grocery reports from the previous day. Visiting stores, Hill interacts with the team, walks though all things Food & Beverage. His favorite meal? The Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo meal bag. When meal bags we introduced, in order to become the expert, he had to purchase one.

Mariah Cavett, Minneapolis-St. Paul

Cavett started in food back in college and learned the ins and outs of full-production operations, until she ultimately stepped into a culinary team leader role for a national grocer. Joining Target's team she was inspired by the growing natural and organic product selection and quality standards for owned brands. Each day she finds time to teach, train, mentor and develop. Her favorite meal at Target? Good & Gather Parmesan Garlic Butter paired with the Bakery department’s organic baguettes. Target is the one-stop shop for all things cheese and charcuterie.

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