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The Tricky Business of Treats this Halloween

Numerator Intelligence | September 10, 2020

As summer winds down and fall quickly approaches, consumers and brands alike are turning their focus toward all things autumn. One question on many minds is what 2020 holds for Halloween. Will there be trick-or-treating? If not, will consumers still look for some way to celebrate?

Given the public and communal nature of most Halloween celebrations, it’s no surprise that nearly 3 in 4 consumers (73%) expect to celebrate the holiday differently this year. As a COVID-19 holiday, we can expect to see at least a 13% decrease in candy sales this Halloween. Even if most cities and counties avoid a formal ban on trick-or-treating, it is unlikely consumers will participate to the same extent as years past. When asked if anyone in their household participated in trick-or-treating last year— either handing out treats or going door-to-door— 66% said yes. This year, only 25% said they planned to participate, with another 32% still unsure. 43% said they would not be participating this year. While trick-or-treating may be on the chopping block, candy will still be a must this Halloween. Those intending to purchase for household consumption is up. Brands and retailers should shift advertising and promotions to family indulgences rather than stocking up on treats to share.

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