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The Satisfaction of Sounds: Beauty ASMR Videos Take Off on TikTok

WWD | August 20, 2021

ASMR videos, which are meant to cause a tingly body sensation or feeling of satisfaction related to specific sounds, have been around for years in different styles: eating, whispering and role plays, traditionally causing a mixture of highly negative and positive feedback. Comments often range from “this is so satisfying” to “this makes me so uncomfortable.”

Makeup and skin care-related ASMR videos have now become popular. TikTok creator Layal Assi (1.1 million followers) gained traction after posting a skin care ASMR video with a sound created by Milk Makeup. The audio, now used in 14,000 videos, uses satisfying sounds like a clock ticking and water splashing. The ASMR beauty space includes everything from routines, unboxings, hauls and point-of-view role plays. Creators will often make their own audio files, pulling from previous videos, online soundboards or by recording with a highly sensitive microphone.

“It’s something people like to watch over and over,” said Assi of the trend. “That’s why it’s actually very smart for advertisers because people are going to watch it over and over, and the way the TikTok algorithm works is when people rewatch it, it’s going to keep boosting that video.”

Over the past year, beauty ASMR has evolved to focus more on the overall aesthetic and expand its popularity amongst big-time content creators and brands. The trend has started to permeate Instagram and YouTube, too. From Tabibzada’s perspective, the trend is just beginning.

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