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The Rise of Men's Cosmetics and Brands Making their Mark

National Retail Federation | September 9, 2020

Danny Gray and Devir Kahan both have launched lines in a rapidly expanding segment of the beauty industry: men’s cosmetics.

“Growing up, I never felt there was a brand for me, that spoke to me.” Danny Gray, who founded U.K. men's cosmetic brand War Paint.

“If it’s not a wedding, it’s a job interview or a presentation, a conference or a pitch meeting,” says Kahan, founder and CEO of men’s cosmetic line Stryx. “Once you start, you see the magic and it’s like, ‘Where has this been all my life?’”

Stryx landed a deal to include its concealer and gel cleanser in CVS stores. War Paint is in select men’s stores in the United Kingdom and is talking with several U.S.-based retailers.

Men already are growing their investments in skincare and fashion, says Jonathan Shanahan, Stryx co-founder and chief marketing officer. “Cosmetics is the next logical step. Why not cover up the blemish, the zit, the undereye bags?”

Asia and Europe might be a bit ahead of the United States in this area; Kahan says 70 percent of Stryx customers have never used a cosmetic before. “We’re there for the everyday guy and it’s about bringing accessibility to them,” he says.

Gray says. “In five years’ time, it’s an absolute given that all major retailers will carry it.”

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