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The Future is Conversational: How Voice and Text are Transforming Shopping

Walmart Newsroom | October 14, 2021

Let’s face it, we’ll never stop trying to do a million things at once. Soon, busier-than-ever parents will simply say, “Hey, Siri” or “OK, Google” to add Band-Aids to their Walmart cart. Whether you're using an Apple or Google device, commands like these open the Walmart app and add to cart without lifting a finger.

Walmart Text to Shop is in Beta with select customers testing from Store No8 and Walmart’s Global Tech team. "We’re learning a lot about when and how customers prefer a conversational experience, and we look forward to making this more widely available in the future." Dominique Essig, VP of Conversational Commerce, Store No8.

Text to Shop is Walmart's next step to make shopping even more simple and convenient, personalized just for you. By understanding customers’ preferences, Walmart solves the paradox of choice and saves time by serving up what customers love best.

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