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The 3+ Ways Walmart+ Will Give Amazon Prime A Run For Its Money

Forbes | September 2, 2020

Walmart announced yesterday that it plans to debut its new Walmart+ subscription service on September 15, 2020. For $98 per year, Walmart+ members will have access to a number of shopping benefits with Walmart, including an Amazon Prime-like “unlimited” amount of free deliveries from its stores. Compared to Amazon Prime:

Walmart+ is cheaper.

Walmart+ is $98 per year, while Amazon Prime goes for $119 per year. Walmart also gives a 15-day trial period for potential Plus members to try before they buy. $20-ish may not seem like much, but it makes a difference for Walmart’s core customer, especially amid a coronavirus pandemic and an unstable economic future. 

Walmart+ comes with gas discounts.

The average American, according to numerous sources, spends roughly $2,000 per year on gasoline. Which is why Walmart’s 5 cents per gallon savings with its new Walmart+ program at nearly 2,000 Walmart, Murphy USA and Murphy Express fuel stations makes so much sense.

Walmart+ makes physical shopping safer.

The coolest part of Walmart+ is that it comes with the ability to unlock Scan-&-Go shopping within the Walmart app while shopping in store. Scan-&-Go, in fact, may be the safest way to shop physical stores at scale.

Scan-&-Go shopping works like this — Walmart+ subscribers can walk into a store, take out their mobile phones, scan barcodes on products, bag the products themselves, and then pay, quickly and electronically, by scanning a QR code on their phones at one of Walmart’s many self-checkout machines upon exit. 

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