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Text to Shop: Walmart Customers Can Now Shop as Easily as Texting

Walmart | December 14, 2022

Between balancing your busy schedule, performing at work, managing your household, preparing meals — and ensuring you’ve got everything you need, when you need it — you’ve got a lot going on. At Walmart, they know that keeping track of your household shopping list is often a mental task you manage as you go about your day.

That’s why Walmart is excited to offer their customers a new and convenient way to shop — by simply texting them. Walmart’s new Text to Shop experience is available to customers for free on iOS and Android devices. You can get started here.

Text to Shop is seamlessly connected to your Walmart account, so they know your usual ordered items. Simply text the items you need, and they get added to your cart. Choose from the full selection of Walmart’s products, including items from your local store and from Text “reorder” to quickly review and add your frequently ordered items to your cart.

Run out of protein powder making your morning smoothie? Text Walmart to add it to your cart. Hosting a few more people at the dinner table tonight than you originally planned? Text Walmart to quickly reorder the ingredients you need and schedule your pickup. Planning a backyard campout with the kids? Make sure to add s’mores fixings to your list, then schedule for delivery to give yourself extra time to enjoy with the kiddos.

Need to make a change? Swap out items as needed. When you’re done shopping, review your cart, and checkout via text or the Walmart app. Then, select the perfect time slot for pickup or delivery. With just a few quick text messages, your shopping is complete.

Text to Shop is simple and convenient by design and was built in partnership with Walmart’s Global Tech team. They worked closely with their customers to design Text to Shop. Here’s what some of their customers shared on their Text to Shop experience.

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