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Target's Teaming up with Diverse and Women-owned Businesses

A Bullseye View | October 1, 2021

Target Forward is working to drive real change through a vision of “co-creating” for an equitable and regenerative future for all. Target is announces new program, Building Blocks for Better Products (B3P). With B3P, Target's helping nearly 30 women-or Black-, Indigenous-, and People-of-Color-owned or founded businesses create beauty and personal care products.

Target works to reduce the opportunity gap for women and people of color in business, whether that’s brands already sold at Target or start-ups that are not yet sold at Target. Target brings experts including Novi Connect, ChemFoward, and Environmental Defense Fund to the partnership to develop products that avoid undesirable chemicals and include ingredients that adhere to Target Clean. The program has already helped the participating brands evaluate the chemicals and ingredients they use in their products.

Cora Miller, CEO of Young King Hair Care, shares "This program has been truly instrumental in helping us evaluate both our current product offerings as well as new innovations. We are so excited to continue fulfilling our mission of uplifting and shining a light on an underrepresented community within the market. Young King wouldn’t be here today without the thousands of parents who share in this belief and in our vision of ensuring boys feel represented in all facets of their lives, including the products they utilize for themselves."

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