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Target's Renewable Electricity Goal Makes Way For a Brighter Future

A Bullseye View, June 12, 2019

Target takes a major step forward in their goal to create a more sustainable future for its guests, team members and the planet. On June 12th Target announced their commitment to source 100% of their electricity from renewable sources (sun and wind) by 2030; including having rooftop solar panels at 500 of its stores by 2020. The initiative builds on the original goal made in 2017 and applies to all domestic Target operations including the powering of all stores, distribution centers and offices.

Currently, Target has built existing solar and wind partnerships in Illinois and Texas, is a four-time ENERGY STAR Partner of the year and has been named the top U.S. corporate solar installer twice since the initiative kick-off.

Click here to learn more about Target's renewable electricity goal.

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