Target’s Opening Four New Sortation Centers to Help Deliver Even Faster

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

A Bullseye View | August 19, 2021

Target stores may just be the secret to fast, affordable delivery. On top of providing the only-at-Target shopping experience, stores also fulfill more than 95% of Target’s online orders. Looking ahead to strengthen delivery capabilities, Target expands its first-of-its-kind sortation center concept. Starting this fall, four new sortation centers will open in major markets across the country — including Houston, Dallas, the Philadelphia area and Lawrenceville, Georgia, all built after the pilot sortation center opened in 2020.

When you place an order on, stores teams get to work, picking and packing shipments, then sorting them for delivery partners like Shipt for last mile delivery. Sortation centers make this process even faster, retrieving packages as soon as store teams are finished packing and sorting, batching and routing them for delivery to local neighborhoods. Removing the sorting process allows store teams to fulfill additional orders and reduces processing time for delivery partners. The result: more efficiency in our shipping processes and even faster delivery for our guests.

Sortation centers are just one piece of Target's latest investment efforts. Of course, it's all about delivering joy to Target guests — making sure you can get what you need, when you need it, how you want it.

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