Target’s New Test Makes Package Delivery Faster than Ever

A Bullseye View | April 15, 2020

One thing that makes a good day even better, it’s the feeling when an order arrives at your doorstep. Target continues to look for ways to get guests online orders even faster.

Target's new sortation center opened in Minneapolis last year. The first-of-its-kind facility helps ship packages from Target stores more efficiently. Most recently, Target will be testing a new capability with Shipt Drivers to improve last mile delivery.

How does it work? Guests place an online order and team members in-store pack the order, utilizing stores for shopping and digital fulfillment. The sortation center receives packages of orders from nearby Target stores for carrier partners to pick up orders for delivery. Proprietary technologies acquired from Grand Junction and Deliv determine the most efficient way to sort, route and deliver to local neighborhoods.

Online orders are by no means slowing down, the retailer plans to expand the model as it opens five more sortation centers by the end of the fiscal year.

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