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Target's Latest Store Strategy and Design Has Arrived, And It's Got *Even More* of What You Love

Target | November 10, 2022

Walk through the front doors of any of Target stores and there’s no mistaking you’re at Target. From the anticipation of discovering your new favorite thing to the joy of friendly team members ready to help, Target wants to create an experience that is not just uniquely Target, but one that leaves you feeling welcomed and inspired.

That’s why they're constantly innovating across Target stores to ensure they're delivering the very best in the reimagined store design and layout — created to better serve guests and team members and drive with continued growth.

Sizing up

Targets committed to meeting their guests wherever they are and will continue to open stores of all sizes in the years ahead. And to support future growth, this next chapter in their new-stores strategy will focus on giving guests more of what they love about Target and providing their team with more space to serve guests in the joy-filled way that only they can.

Virtually perfect

The secret to bringing this latest evolution of Target’s store design to life? Before construction, it was all built and tested using virtual reality. For the first time, Target’s store design team created a fully virtual, life-size representation of the reimagined store, allowing them to analyze and redesign features in real time while virtually “walking” the store to ensure the enhancements would work for guests and team members.

Coming right up

Ready for a closer look? You can see both their optimized store size and updated store design in action now at their new store outside Houston in Katy, Texas. And starting next year, more than half of their expected 200 full store remodels — and almost all their approximately 30 new stores — will feature elements of this new design. And beginning in 2024, all their remodels and new stores will feature the majority of these reimagined store design elements. In the meantime, visit their upcoming stores page for up-and-coming new locations, and learn more about what’s in store.

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