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Target’s Kiera Fernandez Shares Championing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Outside Target Walls

A Bullseye View | August 3, 2021

More than 15 years ago, Target dedicated a diversity and inclusion team to work closely with strategies to retain and recruit diverse team members and products from more diverse suppliers and to develop new learnings. Target's journey toward greater diversity, equity and inclusion goes along as other individuals and organizations seek a similar goal. The result: “Growing the Circle: Championing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Together,” a forum where Target leaders and partners share wins, insight and resources to help fuel diversity, equity and inclusion with industry peers.

Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer Kiera Fernandez speaks on the inaugural event.

"Given the calls for racial equity over the past year, we know that many companies are standing up or deepening their investments in their diversity and inclusion work. We want to share our journey and expertise with others so together we can build strategies, tools and best practices to drive change. That’s why we convened this first-ever forum, to champion continued learning, shared accountability and transparency in the practice of diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I)."

"The half-day event was all about learning and inspiration, dissecting how we’ll scale the important work of DE&I. During each session, we invited experts across industries to sit down with Target’s leadership team, including CEO Brian Cornell, to discuss topics around scaling DE&I efforts through shared accountability, the opportunity of data transparency and building an inclusive work environment, and more. From guest experience to work environment, workforce diversity to societal impact, each discussion reflected one of the diversity and inclusion strategic pillars here at Target, and demonstrated how we’ve embedded equity throughout our business."

"The change we aspire to spark cannot be done by one person, one team or one company. It takes a village, a community, an ecosystem to bring lasting and sustainable change ... This work requires shared accountability and responsibility, which is why it’s so critical to create an infrastructure — a system with tools that allow you to integrate DE&I into your ecosystem in a way that truly drives your business."

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