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Target’s Beauty Glow Up is Helping Every Guest Find What They Need

A Bullseye View | March 24, 2021

Target guests shared they want inclusive brands, personalized products and clean and transparent ingredients matter. Target is listening. More than 30 brands have arrived sine the new year, brands that are even more diverse, innovative, sustainable and affordable.

Target leads the industry with 50 Black-owned or founded brands, and 90 brands on shelves and that serve diverse guests. First, Target focused on bringing more inclusive products with textured haircare. Next on the list is bringing skincare and cosmetics for a wider range of skin tones, types and textures. The list keeps growing with new Target-exclusive brands like BeLoved, Anomaly, Golde, BYBI and HeyHumans. Find personalization with Function of Beauty's customizable shampoos and conditioners which also arrived exclusively at Target in 2021. Target will continue to launch new goodies and experiences you can’t find anywhere else with only-at-target value.

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