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Target Just Completed The *1000th* Store Remodel

Target | June 28, 2022

For years, Team Target has reimagined the ways that serve their guests through innovative remodels that create further ease and spark inspiration for our guests. And today, they are proud to share they've reached a major milestone in that strategy, as they put the finishing touches on the 1,000th remodel, featuring the latest in store design. This stores-first strategy is continuing to pay off and help Target grow — from a 2-4% sales bump in the updated stores in the first year post-remodel, to increased love and loyalty from new and existing guests.

Each of these 1,000 updated locations are an investment not only in Target communities across the country, but in their team, too, helping them more easily deliver an elevated experience for Target guests. And they're not stopping here: In fact, this year’s remodel program will be the most ambitious yet, with nearly 200 full-store remodels planned through 2022. They're also undertaking almost 200 fulfillment remodels, which specifically focus on building capacity for their same-day services like Order Pickup and Drive Up to create an even easier experience for guests and team members. And they'll bring it all to life with the signature Tarzhay magic, while leveraging the insights and learnings they've gleaned from the last 1,000 renovations.

Warm and welcoming

At Target, they want all guests to feel welcomed and inspired, and through the remodels, they've not only created warmth in their spaces through elements like wood, wood tones and specialty lighting, but they've made changes to the marketing guests see throughout the stores, too. Target's goal: ensure the signage better reflects the community around it so guests feel represented and welcomed whenever — and however — they shop with Target.

Mixing it up

When they remodel a store, it’s all about balance. They've learned that if renovation layouts are similar to the original, guests can easily find their favorite items. So, they keep key store categories in the same place so guests can more quickly get accustomed to their renovated store’s layout. And by keeping the renovation timelines short and limiting disruptions, they're seeing more frequent trips to Target stores from their existing guests.

So much more in store

Alongside the full-store renovations, they've added shop-in-shop experiences like Ulta Beauty, Disney and Apple to select stores across the chain. They're also adding Starbucks at select stores across the chain. And on top of adding ease and inspiration, they're keeping the planet in mind, too. Target has made smart shifts to aspects of the store as part of the Target Forward goals, including switching each of the stores over to natural refrigerants by 2040, helping to lower the emissions across the business. And they're building on the 150 locations that currently offer electrical vehicle charging stations for guests with additional installs at select stores across the country.

At your service

To support the rising popularity of same-day services and create more ease for guests, Target has begun adding extra space through fulfillment remodels chainwide. And at another nearly 200 select stores, they'll add Drive Up canopies that improve safety and better protect team members and guests from the elements. They know that when guests use same-day services, they’re more likely to shop Target more often, and the investment in these areas is just another way Target is putting their guests’ needs first.

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