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Target Expands Starbucks Curbside Pickup Service

Retail Dive | November 28, 2022

Target initially began integrating the Starbucks with Drive Up app functionality late last year after shoppers requested the feature. The retailer then piloted the service this past summer. Now, Target is fleshing out the service and sees it as an enhancement of its same-day services.

Alongside its Starbucks pickup option, Target also added a “backup item function” earlier this year, enabling customers to choose substitute items for unavailable Drive Up and Order Pickup orders.

In addition to luring shoppers with Starbucks orders, Target has also been investing in operations as part of its $5 billion investment to grow its business. In March, the company said it planned to open 30 more locations in suburban and urban areas in Charleston, South Carolina; Times Square, New York; and other regions. It also wants to renovate 200 stores and open over 250 Ulta shop-in-shop locations by the end of this year.

Besides remodeling existing stores and opening new ones, Target unveiled a new 150,000-square-foot store concept earlier this month, about 20,000 square feet larger than its typical store. Though the retailer will focus on its large-store concept over the next few years, the company said it will also launch stores of other sizes.

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