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Tableau Conference 2019

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

The annual Tableau Conference for 2019 (TC19) has just wrapped up a six day residency in Las Vegas and it did not disappoint.

This annual event for data Rockstars and Jedis had enough events to keep us and 17,000 of our closest friends immersed in all things data. The following are some highlights as shared by the retail analytics team here at The Moscoe Group.

1. Engaging with reporting and data can be daunting for both a user and a company but it is crucial to winning at the shelf.

  • A McKinsey study found that companies with intensive use of customer analytics are 23 times more likely to outperform their competitors in new customer acquisition and 50% more likely to have sales well above their competition!

  • In an effort to help companies build a pervasive analytical culture Tableau unveiled their new “Blueprint” planning guide. We took this opportunity to do a deep dive review on our analytical business processes with our Tableau advisers. The feedback we got was encouraging as we have installed the proper processes to ensure governance and agility as we grow our team. We also took away some great tips on how to better facilitate user training and support. We know that internal process audits and continuous learning ensure our reporting solutions are always a cut above.

2. One of the biggest draws to the annual Tableau conference is the reveal of features to be released for the coming year. This is our teams favorite part of the entire conference and this year we got some big news as Tableau will be releasing the most up-voted request for the last eight years! A feature called dynamic parameters. This opens us a whole new world of interactivity for our users. Expect to see some deeply interactive new reports coming out in 2020.

3. Finally, We had the privilege to have the author of Code Girls in the audience during the opening keynote, Liza Mundy. We got to hear about an amazing group women in WW2 that were brought in by the navy to help with intelligence gathering as part of the war effort. These women were crucial in allowing the United States to, “Know more about enemies attack at Midway, than most enemy commanders and officers." It was lauded as "A turning point for the war in the pacific.” and was a testament to the incredible impact that data can make in the right hands.

Our team is excited to take the learnings from the past week back to our vendor partners to push our reporting to the forefront of what is possible!

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