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Sustainable Packaging For Retailers Offers Guilt-Free Shopping Experience

Forbes | February 11, 2022

Fast, free shipping? It’s part of the deal and every online shopper expects it. But what about that pile of packaging left behind?

Here’s the good news: circular business principles such as designing for reuse and recycling are gaining ground in the industry. One exemplary company is LimeLoop, offering retailers everything they need including reusable packaging, reverse logistics, visibility, and analytics, all in one place.

LimeLoop’s wrappers are made of upcycled billboard vinyl and lined with recycled cotton. Each sleek, lightweight package can be reused over 200 times and is tracked with a real-time proprietary sensor measuring when it’s been delivered and opened. Soon, it will also have temperature measurement capabilities inside the package, making it ideal for shipping groceries, pharmaceuticals, or other heat-sensitive items. After removing the goods, the customer simply flips the return label and sends the empty LimeLoop package back to the retailer where it is reused for the next round.

It starts with the sensor, which creates a real-time lens into the e-commerce experience from order to return. Using data collected with predictive analytical tools, the platform helps retailers effectively understand and auto-communicate with customers, guide corporate responsibility regarding emissions, and make insightful supply chain decisions. The platform features everything needed to integrate reusables into workflows including order management, carrier tracking, sensor data, environmental statistics, and feedback forms. A Shopify plugin is in the works.

LimeLoop uses SAP Business Technology Platform to collect and manage data and serve it back to its customers in a meaningful way. “We’re at the tip of the iceberg with SAP, just beginning to understand how to work together to help customers make really smart decisions for their business,” she said. As a result of its unique approach, LimeLoop has helped divert over one million single-use packages from landfill. Its customers report a 53% increase in customer engagement, 93% savings on resources including trees, water, and oil, and 41% savings on packaging and inventory.

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