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Super Bowl Sunday - The Best NFL Team Foods For Watching The Big Game

Forbes | January 3, 2022

The biggest moment in American Sports less than a month away, and if history repeats itself, the Super Bowl will be the most watched television event of any kind this year, as it is pretty much every year.

You can stick to standard options like nachos, but one way to really get into the big game theme is to go with regional specialties based on which teams are playing.

Cincinnati Bengals: Cincinnati’s famously unique style of chili would be the top pick, and it’s easy to order from the best known of the local specialist restaurant chains, Skyline Chile, which is sold through the mail order Ohio food website (as well as in lots of regional supermarkets across the Midwest). They make it easy with a variety of bundles and kits, like chili dogs, but thin Cincinnati chili is not for everyone, so if you want to go for something really world class that will wow guests, order up some Graeter’s Ice Cream from the same site. Graeter’s is the best larger ice cream brand in the country, made in tiny artisanal batches with finest ingredients, the best chocolate chips ever (in many flavors) and is just stellar!

Los Angeles Rams: This is tough one, first because the food at the new state of the art of the SoFi Stadum - this year’s Super Bowl host - has been widely panned. But more importantly, like Dallas, Los Angeles doesn’t really have signature cuisine. Instead, it has a whole lot of signature restaurants featuring everything from donuts to tacos to Jewish-style deli sandwiches, and iconic spots as varied as Pink’s hotdogs and Spago. You could go all Wolfgang Puck and serve up some pizzas with smoked salmon, but I’d opt for a French Dip sandwich, the signature at LA’s legendary Philippe The Original French Dip which has been serving its iconic wet dripping sandwiches for more than eleven decades (since 1908). A classic French Dip is roast beef, usually with cheese, on a French roll that is dipped into au jus gravy, and it is very easy to replicate at home (I like to make the roll into garlic bread for an extra flavor dimension). But Philippe also offers roast pork, turkey, leg of lamb, pastrami and ham versions, with options for Swiss, American, cheddar, Monterey Jack or bleu cheese, each dipped in its respective roast juices. You can check out their menu for inspiration here, and replicate at home, or for the most authentic version, you can order the original beef version in kit form via Goldbelly.

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