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Stocked, Staffed and Ready to Deliver: Here’s How Target’s Meeting Guest Needs in 2022

Target | January 18, 2022

If there’s one constant in today’s world — it’s change. And nobody handles it better than the amazing supply chain teams across Target. As global supply chain disruptions continue, Target teams are staying on top of it all with planning, proactive efforts and 24/7 operations, allowing them to continue to deliver for you, their guests, into 2022 and beyond.

Here’s how: Targets strategy is hitting its mark …

Before the holiday season was even over, their teams were proactively building plans and partnering with vendors to prioritize the products they know guests want most headed into the new year. As a result, their confident in Targets ability to meet guests' needs across the country.

Thanks to Targets 24/7 operations and coast-to-coast port system, their moving guest-fave products even faster through ports into Targets network. (In fact, during the holiday season, they moved nearly double the volume through the ports compared to any other time throughout 2021 to keep inventory flowing quickly from ship to store.) To keep the momentum going, this spring, they'll add yet another option to our diverse port operations, where the overseas cargo arrives stateside. And, they've secured additional storage space to manage the influx of inventory their bringing quickly into Targets network.

The glue that holds it all together? Targets team, of course! That’s why they've made additional investments to make their jobs easier, like the 30,000 additional supply chain team members they hired in Fall 2021 to accommodate their higher volumes. From the supply chain to Target stores, they're staffed and ready to deliver for guests. And, their support also includes enhanced pay and benefits like Targets debt-free education assistance program, training and career growth opportunities, with the goal of making Target the most rewarding place to work for every team member.

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