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Emerging Trends: Europe Spring 2020

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

The Moscoe Group | March 26, 2020

Recently, The Moscoe Group traveled all over Europe to provide our partners with insights on the latest retail trends.

Retail across Europe was poised and ready for spring. Brands were bigger and bolder with department store takeovers, newly launched flagships and reinvented spaces for dynamic use. In addition, collaborations, customization, and tech integration presented unique product line offerings and in-store experiences, while apparel was refined, but playful and inspired by the ‘80s.

In the Home categories, the mood was still somewhat relaxed with textures, curves and a softer color palette. With new brands constantly entering the market, heritage was a major theme in retail and product design. Many legacy brands focused on their rich history and ability to tap into their archives.

Sustainability was an underlying theme across many categories, as the industry works to respond to a conscious consumer through recycled materials and environmentally-friendly products.

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