Spring 2022 Key Colors

Creative Services Team | September 22, 2021

Pantone has released colors for NY Fashion Week, Spring 2022. In the next year, people will be focused on their own well-being and how different hues can soothe or invigorate them, and the power in color will be reflected in the products they buy. Our Creative Services team has been watching these trending colors from pastels, to ground you in safety and security to bold brights connecting both physical and digital worlds seamlessly.

Innuendo is an energetic, magenta-pink that will stand out in beauty and fashion. Harbor Blue and Glacier Lake bring the trustworthy tonal blues in different directions. Harbor Blue connects to natural roots, maximizing saturation to compliment bright colors. On the other hand, Glacier Lake is tranquil and holds feelings of security with its omnipresence in surgical masks during the pandemic. Daffodil brings positivity with this sunlit yellow offering feelings of brighter skies ahead. Light, earthy green, Basil offers restorative feelings with an expectation to protect the natural world around us. Finally, deep grey, Poppyseed offers a sense of security as a consistent neutral, complimenting both pastels and brights.

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Sources: WGSN, WWD, Pantone