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Snap Releases New AR Tools For Virtual Shopping

Retail Dive | May 3,2022

Snap’s focus on AR engagement appears to be working for consumers and brands.

More than 250 million users have used AR shopping Lenses over 5 billion times since January 2021. For example, after Zenni Optical created a set of AR Lenses for its eyewear, users have tried on the lenses more than 60 million times, resulting in a 42% increase in return on ad spending compared to without the Lenses, the company said.

Snap has been bringing in other businesses to engage with its AR technologies. The company brought on Puma as its first international brand partner to use its Camera Kit for AR shopping, which allows users to try on its shoes virtually. The company also noted that it is planning to add new product categories such as furniture and handbags to its AR Shopping Templates tool, which will allow users to visualize how 3D models of their desired items will fit in their space.

Snapchat has introduced new AR tools and collaborated with brands like Gucci and American Eagle to create virtual reality experiences for shoppers. In January, the social media app unveiled shopping Lenses to allow users to view multiple products in one place. Other companies, including Ulta Beauty and MAC Cosmetics, have also tested out Snapchat AR tools that allow shoppers to browse their catalogs of items.

As the social network promotes these tools among brands and users, research suggests that AR technology could be a tool to connect with younger shoppers. According to a recent Snapchat survey of 16,000 users, 92% of Gen Z consumers like using AR technology for online shopping. Additionally, Gen Zers are more likely than millennials and Gen X to buy a product that they first experienced using AR, per the report.

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