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Small Changes, Big Impact: Target's First Documentary

A Bullseye View | May 18, 2020

Bringing joy to all guests and their families, is a way of design for Target. Target’s product design teams work to research and create more inclusive products, from sensory-friendly apparel for kids to adaptive Halloween costumes.

The inclusive approach is a larger story at Target creating better solutions that meet the needs of more people, of more abilities. It’s the inspiration behind Target's first documentary film, “Design for All,” produced by RadicalMedia. The film is through the eyes of three people whose lives—and the lives of those around them—inclusive design has directly changed.

Target is inspired by the stories and hope they can help amplify others' voices promoting designing to create greater accessibility. The documentary was released May 15, exclusively on Hulu. “Design for All” examines how an inclusive approach to design affects culture and improves the ways we relate to the built environment, to our communities, and to one another.

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