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Shopper Demand For Clean Beauty And Increased Transparency Continues

Forbes | June 30, 2021

Today, shoppers are paying more and more attention to what ingredients are in beauty products to ensure they are safe. The clean beauty market has become a fast-growing category and demand is expected to continue to grow.

“The declaration of a climate emergency has increased consumer awareness and grown demand for ethical and environmentally-friendly products. Infiltration of these products alongside wellness and self-care trends has increased the demand for clean beauty,” says Edited Retail Analyst Heather Ibberson.

Globally, the clean beauty market is estimated to reach $22 billion by 2024, according to Statista Research. Brands sitting between drugstore and luxury prices are performing the best, the retail analyst notes.

Most define clean beauty as products made without ingredients that can be harmful to health. Still, without a standardized definition for what defines clean beauty, experts agree the word “clean” is subjective.

“Sephora and Ulta Beauty have both created their own in-house certifications to define which products it deems as clean based on a list of no-go ingredients, which slightly differ from one another. In order for clean beauty to go mainstream, consumers need to feel confident in their purchase decisions, which could be achieved through an industry-wide definition of terms.”

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