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Retail Therapy: Ikea creates step-by-step fort instructions

Retail Dive | May 15, 2020

The ultimate stay-at-home activity is taken on by the retailer, famous for flat pack products, Ikea. With a lot of uncertainty for retailers, they are showing positivity in creative ways.

Ikea Russia this week pushed out directions for building forts made out of the retailer's flatpack furniture. The campaign was developed by Instinct creative agency and features instructions for six different house models: WIGWÅM, CÅMPINGTENT, CÅVE, FÖRTRESS, CÅSTLE, and HÖUSE. As parents struggle to find things to do to occupy their kids, retailers are floating out these step-by-step instructions for anything and everything. Ikea sending out fort instructions encourages using things which can be easily found in every home or purchased at Ikea!

This isn't the only campaign Ikea has done this year with consumers staying home. In March, Ikea Israel teamed up with McCann Tel Aviv to create step-by-step instructions on how to stay safely indoors during the pandemic. Other brands are also finding unique partnerships among the shift in consumer activities. McDonald's and Kraft Heinz are both releasing puzzles picking up on the consumer trend. Post Malone has partnered with Global Brand Equities. With summer around the corner, the artist developed a French rosé dubbed Maison No. 9.

Brands are leveraging their creativity in providing on-trend products in a time where consumers are searching to pass the time. Retail therapy has taken on a new look.

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