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Put Everything in Its *Bright* Place with Target’s First Home Organization Owned Brand, Brightroom

Target | January 5, 2022

Starting the new year by getting your home in order can be therapeutic, but where to start, right? With more than 450 products that make home organization easy and so pretty. Say hello to Brightroom, Target's first dedicated storage and home organization owned brand, offering well-designed, affordable solutions that take the stress out of organizing and put the joy into spending time at home.

The collection is designed with all storage challenges in mind — it’s a treasure trove of versatile, modular and even magnetic solutions. Have a small space? Check out the stackable solutions that allow guests to build vertically — like clear plastic bins that work in the pantry, fridge and beyond. Looking to add some pizazz as you organize? The utility carts come in a variety of colors and sizes, with features like pegboards that allow for more storage and even better organization in tight spaces. Plus, this brand was designed so products across the collection work together, making it easy to build on storage solutions over time and stay organized as your needs change. (Even the packaging is helpful, with callouts that show you how products work together.)

Brightroom incorporates all kinds of materials to make life a little easier and spaces even more attractive — like breathable mesh for vegetable pantry storage, wood for warmth and durability, natural wovens to add texture and soften spaces, plastics that can be scrubbed clean and fabrics that can be folded and tucked away when not in use. And it’s all available at an incredible value, with prices starting at $1 and most items under $25. Now that’s what we call home inspiration.

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