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Pride Every Day: Supporting LGBTQ+ Associates and the Communities They Serve

Walmart | June 13, 2022

Pride. It sparks a feeling of deep joy and admiration, but it also speaks to acceptance and inclusion, which are so important to Walmart. The Chief People Officer has the privilege of serving as the executive sponsor of Walmart's Pride associate resource group, and today they are proud to announce that Walmart has established an LGBTQ+ Officer Caucus.

You may wonder, what is an officer caucus? At Walmart, they have several officer caucuses comprised of senior leaders focused on building community and advancing diversity, equity and inclusion within the workplace. They are building a Walmart for everyone, and they know that diverse voices at the leadership level drive innovation, guide their path forward and serve as a source of inspiration. The members of the LGBTQ+ Officer Caucus share a deep passion for supporting their LGBTQ+ associates and have chosen to lead within the organization, so others can be comfortable and confident doing the same. After all, as Walmart look's at communities they identify with, not all of them offer visible identification unless they make the choice to be seen. Walmart's support of LGBTQ+ associates is also reflected in some of their recent programs and initiatives focused on well-being, inclusion and giving.

Well-Being: Walmart partnered with Included Health last year to provide health services for LGBTQ+ associates. Included Health’s concierge team is available to those enrolled in most Walmart medical plans and specializes in connecting members with quality care, plus offering support on a range of topics, including coming out at work.

Inclusion: Encouraging associates to bring their authentic selves to work every day often begins with something as basic as a name. A person’s name is the greatest connection to their own individuality and should be recognized consistently across all parts of the company. Walmart is continuing to update their systems and processes to enable preferred name usage. Additionally, associates can now self-identify their sexual orientation, gender identity and pronouns should they choose to do so. The preferred name and self-identification initiatives are just a few examples of our efforts to create a workplace of inclusion and belonging.

Giving: Building on a longtime relationship with PFLAG, the Walmart Foundation provided a $500,000 grant to support the organization in expanding PFLAG Connects, its program that provides virtual meeting spaces that connect LGBTQ+ people and their families and allies. The grant is helping strengthen PFLAG Connects: Communities, an expansion of the PFLAG Connects program, which provides safe, moderated, virtual spaces for AAPI, Black and Latino families.

Everything they do at Walmart is through the lens of Respect, Service, Excellence and Integrity. It is essential that their LBGTQ+ community is represented and treated through the lens of their values. They take pride in the steps we are taking to ensure everyone is included and belongs at Walmart.

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