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Pandemic-Era Altruism: The Pandemic Has Taken A Lot Out Of Us, More People Are Giving Back

Forbes | September 29, 2020

With the pandemic earlier this year effectively shutting down the nation’s economy, people have evidently had a lot of time to reflect. Nearly 23% of shoppers said they are more likely to give to social and environmental causes since the effects of the pandemic, an August survey of 1,500 Americans by the research groups Element54 and Maru/Blue has found.

Many brands and retailers adopted charitable measures to encourage consumer spending when shoppers were worried about making enough money to pay the bills. However, some companies are standing apart with their altruistic programs:

Pedigree Dog food brand Pedigree has introduced the One True Loyalty Program to encourage more shelter adoptions by covering the fees (up to $200 per adoption) incurred by those who adopt a dog.

Williams Sonoma The kitchenware retailer in the spring ensured that its long-running partnership with No Kids Hungry program served children during school closures.

Crocs and Zappos Early in the pandemic, the shoe manufacturer and retailer partnered on a pledge to donate 10,000 pairs of shoes a day to healthcare workers, and Crocs invited customers to donate a pair of workwear Crocs for 30% off.

This heightened sense of altruism isn’t expected to be short-lived. Environmental, social and governance activities are a solid investment now and will be necessary to capture Gen Z consumers in he future.

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