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Walmart's Virtual Open Call is Shaping Up To Be A Day Supplier Hopefuls Won’t Want to Miss

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Walmart Corporate | August 4, 2020

It’s a been a year of challenges, but in many ways Walmart’s amazing supplier community has helped get America through the first half of the year.

Each year, our Open Call for U.S. manufactured products gives entrepreneurs and small businesses an opportunity to join our community of suppliers who help meet the everyday needs of Walmart customers. It would have been an easy decision to cancel the event with everything going on, but we didn’t feel that was the right move for our customers, our communities or the small businesses looking forward to this annual event.

Our merchants were determined to meet the challenge to give prospective suppliers opportunities in this tough retail climate. So, we’re holding our first-ever virtual Open Call on October 1. We want businesses everywhere to be stronger and better prepared to manage the challenges they may face throughout the course of their business.

Growing our Marketplace is a strategic priority, and that’s another reason why this year’s Open Call presents such a powerful and unparalleled opportunity to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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