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On Storytelling, Selling Tools and Strengthening Customer Engagements

WWD | September 13, 2021

Nordstrom Inc. is shifting with consumer trends and maximizing on authentic consumer/brand connections. The retailer's "Closer to You" agenda for internal goals, has also been positioned as an ongoing marketing campaign. Integrating the "Closer to You" theme into external marketing brings the Nordstrom brand story to life. Nordstrom's Fanya Chandler, senior vice president and Scott Meden, Nordstrom’s chief marketing officer discuss opportunities "Closer to You" has brought to customer experiences.

Instagram and Tiktok are social hubs to share inspiration. Chandler shares, “Salespeople can post their favorite outfits and looks and customers can engage with that and purchase directly from Instagram. When we talk about social selling, it’s helping customers discover what’s posted. They can actually message a stylist or salesperson who can create a personal style board for them. Many store salespeople would rely on walk-in traffic to build their business. Today, it’s no longer just about walk-in traffic. Think about social — that’s traffic. And when you are able to show who you are as a salespeople, and how you put looks together, that attracts customers and leads to a one-to-one experience.”

Nordstrom employees have been hosting livestreaming events as well. One employee who is also a yoga instructor did a 20-minute yoga flow. A Nordstrom chef and his son livestreamed on Nordstrom’s best dishes. “People like to see a little more behind the curtain and who makes it all happen,” Meden said.

During the pandemic, “It felt like the right moment to provide things for our customers that weren’t focused on something we had to sell them,” Meden said. “People don’t just shop brands. They join them because they feel like the brand is right for them. Obviously a lot of content will be focused on things we do and provide our customers, but there is also an element of becoming more than just transactional.”

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