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Nike Unveils First Maternity Collection

Retail Dive | September 2, 2020

Nike unveiled its first dedicated maternity collection, dubbed "Nike (M)," which is set to launch on Sept. 17. The collection includes a pullover, a bra, a tanktop and a tight. The line is aimed at supporting women "during all stages of pregnancy and beyond" and was created by analyzing over 150,000 comparison scans of non-pregnant and pregnant women.

Retired track and field athlete Perri Edwards noted in the release that the bra allows for "easy access for when I want to breastfeed. The leggings give you options of wearing over your tummy or showing your tummy, and the maternity shirt has this extra material for the extra weight that I'm carrying."

This follows a year after Nike-sponsored athlete, Alysia Montaño, wrote an opinion piece in the New York Times addressing the company's deficiency in its support for pregnant athletes. It's also another step in Nike's goal of catering to the female athlete. This newest line extends Nike into yet another aspect of women's lives — and into an underserved niche.

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