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Neiman Marcus Plays Up 'Retail Theater' In Its First New York City Store At Hudson Yards

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Forbes, March 12, 2019

In efforts to stay competitive in New York's luxury market, as well as to attract younger consumers, Neiman Marcus is set to open its first-ever flagship store in Manhattan on March 15, 2019.

There's no denying brick-and-mortar retailers have been upping their experiential game to attract today's customers who are becoming more comfortable splurging online and continue to allocate a larger budget to experience-oriented and personalized items. The new Neiman Marcus store hopes to provide a more consumer-centric approach by giving its customers an "immersive experience" as Geoffroy van Raemdonck, the CEO of the chain's parent Neiman Marcus Group, describes as "retail theater."

With their approach shifted from growth to a retail theater and immersive experience, Neiman Marcus hopes their new store will stand out from the competition and give consumers an experience they'll keep coming back for.

Highlighted features of the new Neiman Marcus store

  • Main Entrances will feature New York's City Bakery + Irving Farm coffee shop as well as a fully functioning kitchen staged for live cooking + mixology demonstrations with host chefs

  • Chocolate bar allowing customers to order beer + wine while indulging on their sweet tooth

  • Two full-service restaurants + bars overlooking 10th Avenue with a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty + Hudson Yards' spiral staircase, the Vessel.

  • Fresh cut flowers available for purchase near designer handbags

  • Tech savvy products and gadgets near beauty

  • Beauty products openly displayed for you to try (much like Sephora) with no counters separating beauty staff from customers

  • An in-house esthetician as a part of its expanded spa services

  • Shoe sine and cobbler services

  • Texas boot shop

  • Custom hat shop

  • Digital jukebox allowing customers to change the music they hear in the store

  • Vintage fashion section

  • Milan-based atelier that can do hand-painting, embroidery, laser printing + other customization work

  • Fitting rooms with interactive touchscreens to change lighting + ask for different sizes + colors of items they're trying on

  • Brow bar + nail salon

  • A circular stage in Women's apparel to host fashion shows + designer podcasts

  • Pacman + other vintage arcade games located in Men's apparel

  • Online personal stylists will also be available to meet in person

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