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More Americans Looking to Move as Remote Work Gains Acceptance During Covid Pandemic

CNBC | February 22, 2021

Covid-19 has prompted more people to move this year due to the flexible work from home lifestyle, shared NPD Group. People are getting more comfortable with the flexibility to work from anywhere. They are realizing they could live in areas with lower cost of living or that are closer to family.

Nearly 20% of people in the country are working from home full time as of December, NPD said. In addition, 20% more consumers are planning to move this year compared with the prior year.

With consumers interested in moving, sales of moving supplies and services have also risen. Last year, online sales of portable and bulk storage categories grew at a pace that was five times greater than the prior year. NPD said it expects that growth to continue into 2021.

Mailing and shipping supplies have also increased by five times in 2020 versus the previous year, according to NPD. These sales were boosted by people buying corrugated boxes and packaging tape. Sales also grew at office supply stores and at hardware retailers.

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