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Meal Delivery Startup Well Seasoned Wants To Make It Easier To Put Meat On The Table

Forbes | April 26, 2021

Treiman in 2012 introduced the HelloFresh meal kit brand in the United States, and he steered its growth as chief operating officer until 2015. He currently is launching Well Seasoned, a direct-to-consumer company that sells pre-marinated, pre-seasoned cuts of meat delivered frozen and ready for the stove or grill.

Research firm IBISWorld, in a May. 2020 report, said meal kit sales grew at an average annual rate of 28.9% between 2015 and 2020, to reach $3.5 billion, with average growth of 3% expected over the next five years. But the report notes that despite surging demand for meal kits, companies have struggled to become profitable, in part due to the high cost of shipping perishables.

By selling frozen, individually portioned, prepared products Well Seasoned is aiming to offer more options, and more flexibility than other meal kits. Being able to order a larger amount of frozen product solves the problem of perishable meal kits that sometimes arrive when cooking isn’t convenient.

Customers can purchase individual items, chose a curated selection of meats, or stock up by ordering four or six weeks worth of products. Customers are not required to subscribe, but discounts are offered to those who do. Well Seasoned currently sells 19 different items, which range from things as simple as a burger to more elaborate presentations such as stuffed pork chops. Treiman plans to expand the offerings based on customer feedback.

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