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Lululemon’s Mirror Gains Weight as It Continues to Scale

WWD | November 1, 2021

Lululemon’s Mirror continues to make moves in the at-home fitness space. The fitness equipment business, owned by Lululemon Athletica, has plans to offer dumbbells and ankle weights connecting to its at-home gym system. While enhancing at-home workout routines, the new products, ranging from $50 - $200, will boost the retailer's rank in the at-home fitness industry.

“Mirror is all about immersion and interaction: You see yourself, your instructor, the community, your metrics, all on an immersive display, and it adapts to the needs of the individual user in real-time,” the company said in a statement. “Weights are the next big step in building out the high-quality ‘workout as an experience.’”

Each free weight, which are available in one pound up to 35 pounds, has numbers on the side that light up when connected to Mirror. The fitness system helps personalize each workout by allowing users to track the number of reps in each session. The at-home gym also offers tips on form correction and the recommended number of weights to use for each workout. Lululemon expects Mirror to generate revenues of about $150 million annually.

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