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Lululemon's Debuts its Self-Care Line with a Partnership on

Retail Dive, June 18, 2019

Lululemon announces the official launch of it's new self-care line which includes a no-show dry shampoo, an anti-stink deodorant, a sweet reset face moisturizer and a basic lip balm. According to Sun Chloe, chief product officer at Lululemon, "[we] have always been in the work of creating solutions for sweaty problems and our self-care line is an extension of that approach." The retailer focused the product on function, feel and format while continuing to stay true to its brand story by emphasizing natural ingredients and partnering with athletes to gain insights and understand customer needs.

In addition to selling the line on Lululemon's website and in 50 Lululemon stores, the products will be available on and at "select studio partners in North America. The product price point ranges from $12 to $28.

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