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Latest Partnerships: Pepsi Spa Kits, Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey and more!

Retail Dive | December 4, 2020

Oreo x Lady Gaga

In a nod to Lady Gaga's most-recent album, "Chromatica," Oreo is creating a pink version of its cookie with green filling featuring a special design inspired by the album. Interested fans were offered the opportunity to sign up online for official release date alerts, with the first 1,000 subscribers receiving a complimentary pack.

Mariah's Cookies Mariah Carey, the queen of the holiday season, created her own cookie brand. Mariah's Cookies, promises to deliver cookies to more than 30 U.S. cities. The cookie brand launches, just in time to eat them while watching Carey's Christmas special on AppleTV.

British Airways moves into commerce In a year where virtually all nonessential travel was halted, British Airways has listed several products for those who feel like they're missing out. Products on Whatabuy are sorted by "cabin" type. Enter the First Class cabin and you'll find everything from hot towel plates to dishware. As you move to the Club section, products like serving trays and sectioned plates are available. But the best was saved for last, in the General Cabin, meal trolleys, insulated boxes, oven racks and more are availble.

Pepsi launches at-home spa kit This year Pepsi decided to help consumers relax from the stress of the holiday season. The brand launched a sweepstakes contest earlier this week to give consumers the chance to win a branded at-home spa kit, which features a cola-scented sugar scrub, bath bomb and face mask. Read the full article here

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